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Custom Harp Cases

The gallery below is a few custom harp cases I've put together. These are vintage train cases that I found on eBay. I buy them pretty cheap and clean them up. But the real secret and what makes it all possible is the very cool foam inserts made by Hal Iwan of Custom Harp Cases. Hal provides some really fine harp cases that you harp players should check out. He also sells the foam inserts that I use in these cases. I have a few more cool old train cases on the shelf that I'll be working on soon.


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Harp & Pedalboard Case Combo  
Harp Pedal Case Harp Pedal Case

I put this one together just so I would have one less thing to carry and could carry everything I need for a gig in two hands. I found a DJ's CD case on Amazon and designed a foam insert for my harps and mic using MyCaseBuilder. Then, since the lid detaches and is a couple inches deep, I put some velcro in the top of the lid and converted it to my pedal board. This works great and I no longer need that third hand to carry my pedal board. [Back to Top]

Tweed Harp Case  
Tweed Case Tweed Case

This is my first custom harp case that I put together from an old tweed train case that I bought on eBay. After removing the internals and mirror from the case, I added a couple of plastic drawer dividers and one of Hal Iwan's foam inserts that a trimmed just a little to work with the drawer dividers. This case has room for 34 diatonic harps, 4 chromatics, bullet mic, 2 pedals with power supplies, a mic if I need to mic my amp, and a few more odds and ends.  All my cables can easily lay on top. [Back to Top]


Classy Blue Harp Case  
Blue Case Blue Case

This is a really classy looking blue case - a Blue Case for the Blues! This is a little smaller than the Tweed case above, but Hal has an insert that fits almost perfectly. It has room for 20 diatonic harps, a chromatic, mic, and my Lone Wolf delay pedal. There's plenty of room to lay all my cables on top of the harps and still easily close the top. I use this case for jams or put in the back seat of my car when I go to see another band just in case they need a harp player to sit in (imagine that, a harp player thinking about sitting in). [Back to Top]


Tooled Leather Harp Case  
Tooled Leather Case Tooled Leather Case
I got a great deal on this vintage tooled leather case. It was in great shape and looks very cool. This is a little smaller than the Tweed case above, but Hal has an insert that fits almost perfectly. It has room for 20 diatonic harps, a chromatic, mic, my Lone Wolf delay pedal, and a convenient slot for business cards. It's not a deep as the other cases but cable can be fit in top. What's also cool about this case is the fold out compartments. You could use these for storing short cables, adapters, harp tools, more harps, throat spray, or any other required performance enhancing items. I'm not endorsing or condoning anything, I'm just sayin'... [Back to Top]
Of course, every enterprise needs a brand...so I couldn't help it. I adapted the Harmonikat name and logo that I used on some of my amps and had these nameplates made by the great folks a BNP Lasers that I attach to the back of each case.
Harmonikat Custom Case

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